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February 16, 2009

Mass Submitter



Any person that:

(1) has an established place of business in the United States where it is accessible during every business day and

(2) submits applications on behalf of at least 30 unaffiliated sponsors each of which is sponsoring, on a word-for-word identical basis, the same basic plan document and one or more of the adoption agreements associated with that basic plan document.

A flexible plan  which is adopted by a sponsor will be considered a word-for-word identical plan.
A mass submitter may submit an application on its own behalf as one of the 30 unaffiliated sponsors.

Referring Cite

Revenue Procedure 2000-20.

Additional Helpful Information

  • Once the mass submitter has submitted applications on behalf of 30 unaffiliated sponsors with respect to any basic plan document, it will be treated as a mass submitter with respect to all the other basic plan documents and associated adoption agreements for which it requests opinion letters as a mass submitter regardless of the number of identical adopters of such other plans.
  • For purposes of this definition, affiliation is determined under § 414(b) and (c). Additionally, the following will be considered to be affiliated: any law, accounting, consulting firm, etc., with its partners, members, associates, etc.

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