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Annual Benefit

Last Updated March 21, 2009


A benefit which is payable annually in the form of a straight life annuity under a defined benefit plan. Such benefit does not include any benefits attributable to either employee contributions or rollover contributions (as defined in sections 402(a)(5), 403(a)(4), 408(d)(3) and 409(b)(3)(C)).

Additionally, in applying the limitations on benefits , it is immaterial if the participant works beyond the normal retirement age as determined under the terms of the plan.

Thus, for example, if an individual, who is subject to the dollar limitation of section 415(b)(1)(A) ($110,625 for 1980), retires in 1980 after working past the plan's normal retirement age of 65, the plan may only provide such individual with an annual benefit of $110,625 in 1980 and not the actuarial equivalent of the amount the individual would have been entitled to receive at age 65 in order to comply with the section 415(b) limitations.

Referring Cite

Section 1.415-3(c)(2)(iii) of the Federal Income Tax Regulations.