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Must have for financial and tax professionals:IRA...

Must have for financial and tax professionals:...

Calculators, forums, articles and more on 72(t) and 72(q) /SEPP Plans. Includes RMD Calculators...


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You Asked Us... and We Answered

  • An individual inherited an IRA from his father.  He is now twenty eight (28) years old. He wants to withdraw a portion of the inherited IRA balance to pay higher education expenses and to cover living expenses. Will he owe the 10% early distribution penalty since he is under age 59 ½?

  • I recently lost my job, but prior to my termination I made a salary deferral contribution to my 401(k) during January of this year.  Am I no longer an active participant in the 401(k) plan?  Does that one contribution affect my ability to take a tax-deduction for my traditional IRA contribution for this year?